Try on Outfit and Mount in Soul of Guardian

Soul of Guardian (SOG), the best MMORPG hosted by WSGame, worked out another New and EXCITING update. Want to buy an outfit but question the possible way it will look on your character? Now, you can “Try On” the outfit or Mount BEFORE you buy it!!! You can preview the items you are going to purchase with just a simple click. No more guessing what you will look like, now you can see it for yourself. Bring your Inner Legend to life!!!!

The procedure is very simple. First, go into the Item Mall and find the suit or mount you like. Then, click “Try on” button to preview your character wearing the suit or riding the mount. Yes, as simple as that! You can try on as many times as you want. So you compare different items and then choose a favorite one. Interesting, huh? Go try it!

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