Tribal Wars Introduces Version 8.5

Tribal Wars: Hoist Your Flags – Boost Your Village!

 InnoGames introduces version 8.5, flag feature gives several bonuses on new worlds


InnoGames has updated the classic browser game, Tribal Wars to version 8.5. The update introduces a whole new facet to into the game, the village flags. From now on, the feature will be available on newly started worlds, allowing players to hoist various flags in order to upgrade certain stats. Update 8.5 is already live on some English worlds, with the rest of the language versions following in the next few days.

Flags can be found during the game or earned by defeating enemy troops. Players can assign one flag per village. Depending on their type and color, they add several bonuses, such as defense power, production speed, or population capacities. All flags occur in various efficiency levels up to nine. Players can combine several flags of lower levels and exchange them for a more efficient one. Flags can also be traded by members of the same tribe.

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