Silkroad Online Adds Six New Avatars

Player’s Positive Feedback Prompts Summer Permanent Avatar Sale

Joymax today announced it will introduce an extraordinary six new avatars for its celebrated MMORPG, Silkroad Online and Silkroad-R.  This summer Silkroad and Silkroad-R have updated their Avatar sales system allowing players to now purchase Avatars for permanent use!

Silkroad Online players have shown their appreciation with valuable feedback and Avatar sales have shot through the roof!  Beginning next week, players will have six more “Avatars Limitless” to choose from and each of the six seasons was hand-picked based on popularity.  Players can choose from Black Angel, Samurai or Ninja, Traditional Turkey, Fairy, Chinese Opera and Skeleton Knight.  Both Black Angel and Skeleton Knight were so popular with fans the two Avatar outfits are being re-launched this summer!

Fans can find everything and anything about Silkroad and Silkroad-R on their official Facebook pages which have more than 375,000 likes from all over the world.  Join the conversation now at and

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