Silkroad Launches New Line of Limitless Avatars

Joymax, today begins the next wave of limitless avatars in its celebrated MMORPGs, Silkroad Online and Silkroad-R.  The sixth and final wave of limitless avatars begins today and is only available for a limited time, so players interested in these permanent costumes can check out all the details now by visiting Over the past year, Joymax has been slowly discontinuing certain costumes in order to offer a new selection in the Silkroad Online shops.  Before each avatar set is retired, they become available for purchase for a limited time as a permanent version which will not expire.  Players can then enjoy these costumes for years to come and be the envy of all their fellow merchants and thieves! The sixth wave of limitless avatar costumes includes the General Abshad Outfit, the SNS 2013 costume, the Steam Punk outfit, the Arabia 2013 variation, the traditional Wedding Outfit and the ornate Chinese Wedding Outfit, as well as the now retired Knight Version 2 costume. Fans can find everything and anything about Silkroad and Silkroad-R on their official Facebook pages which have more than 385,000 likes from all over the world.  Join the conversation now at and

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