WAR2 Glory new language: Spanish

Challenge Thousands Of Other Players In The Strategy Game WAR2 Glory: Now In Spanish

Strategic player vs. player confrontations in a World War II setting now playable in Spanish language in Beta

Just A Game, today announced the Beta launch of the Spanish version of   WAR2 Glory, a strategic game set in the World War II conflict.  You can visit the website and receive a welcome pack for the Spanish version on: http://www.war2glory.es/promo

WAR2 Glory is a strategic game that allows you to build your o wn town and defend it. At the same time you have to conquer new territories and complete missions. Playing this innovative and realistic game based on skillful management of resources makes you compete with thousands of other players from all over the world. The game allows you to benefit from the potential of different combinations of troops, vehicles, sea and air units. This way a skillful commander that leads a small army is able to win with a bigger and stronger enemy. The game allows you to create an alliance with up to 110 other players who can help you conquer or defend your territory from a stronger enemy. You can form alliances, break them, spy on your enemies and use many other options.

WAR2 Glory, which has just launched its Beta in Spanish this week, is a community of more than a million players who are very active and engaged in the process of creating new content for the game. Of course it’s a community that enjoys challenges, strategy games and confrontations with fellow players.
It is the only Browser game that allows the players to recreate original units from WWII and recruit soldiers, workers or infantry. In the game, you will find more than 40 real units, such as Tiger tanks or Katyusha missiles.

The game offers a server wide global ranking of both the best player versus player and player vs environment commanders, because WAR2 Glory requires the players to concentrate not only on the war conflict, but also on the complete management of territories they control.

WAR2 Glory was created for players who have experience in strategy games and also for newbies, who can use the tutorial and tips. There is no need to download any files and the game works on every operational system.

You can visit the website and receive a welcome pack for the Spanish version on: http://www.war2glory.es/promo

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