Tuff Tanks Preview

  • Genre: 2D Turn Based Shooter

Tuff Tanks is a turn-based artillery shooter set in a colorful world of monsters and tanks, players can test their combat skills by playing solo or battling with up to seven friends in both cooperative and competitive arenas.

Accessible yet nuanced touchscreen controls will reward player ability as players fight head-to-head to compete on the global leaderboards. Players will complete missions to gain rewards, customize their tank and avatar, engage in boss battles, and exchange fire with their friends as they boost their arsenal.

Key Features:

  • Explosive Shooter
    Exchange fire with your enemies as you boost your arsenal! Bring special combat items into the battlefield, spend fuel to enhance your shot, and teleport around the map to pick up loot!
  • Play With 7 Friends
    your aim against increasingly deadly monsters, blast them with friends in your private army, or test your skills online with up to 4v4 action!
  • Endless Customization
    Deck out your tank and personalize your character so everyone knows who just beat them. Boost everything with a versatile customization system to give your side the edge in combat.
  • Missions & Rewards
    Complete a wide variety of missions and reap the profits! Complete missions to earn special items to show off to your enemies before you blow them to pieces.

Tuff Tanks is developed by Junebud and published by Aeria Mobile, and is scheduled to be released Spring 2012 for iOS, iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

Visit Tuff Tanks Official Teaser Site.

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