Tribal Wars Launches The Watchtower

InnoGames unveiled a new building for its classic strategy MMO, Tribal Wars. The “Watchtower” will give players information about upcoming attacks, up to a given range, which will let them better prepare for them. From now the new building will be implemented in all new starting game worlds. Product Manager Thomas explains the feature in a video.

The watchtower is a completely new building which does not replace any of the existing ones. Each Watchtower has a certain range, in which hostile attacks are registered. The radius can be enlarged, when the level of the watchtower is increased. The maximum level of the watchtower is 20. Once an enemy army enters the radius of a watchtower, the player is informed of the strength of the attack. This will occur even if an opposing army passes by a village with a watchtower and does not directly attack. Thus, it is important for players to distribute the watchtowers strategically around their villages, so that most of the map is monitored.


The Watchtower will first be published on the new starting worlds in Spain, Russia, Portugal and France. Other markets will follow in the coming weeks.

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