The Aurora World Announces New Election System

Fantasy MMORPG To Launch New Election System Update

GBE Games today announced it will launch an all-new Election System, giving players the opportunity to reign as King, in the popular fantasy MMORPG, The Aurora World.  This exciting new main feature will allows players to campaign for votes in hopes of becoming King for the month and receive cool items!  To learn more about the upcoming Election System or to register for the game, players can visit

The Aurora World wants YOU to get out and vote!  In the adventurous, fantasy world of The Aurora World, the balance of powers can be tricky, individually one nation can be stronger than the other two, but if those two were to unite it could spell trouble.  The new Election System will let players decide on an alliance or have the command of all clans by either voting for a new ruler or running for King themselves!

Who will stand out as a leader and get the votes?  Each month the top 40 players within each nation will have the opportunity to campaign for votes in hopes to become King, and as the elections continue, candidates will quickly be eliminated until there are only seven candidates remaining leaving one elected King and six officers!  There are several cool advantages to becoming King:  the King will receive a special mount and can cast nationwide buffs plus the King and his officers can temporarily chat-ban players!

For all the Election System details, players can check out  along with The Aurora World’s official Facebook at  or the official forums at  for all the latest news and updates.

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