Tequila Mobile announces Tap Delight for iOS and Android

Lovable insects soon to star in an innovative arcade puzzler

(Wroclaw, Poland) April 17, 2012 – Tequila Mobile, creators of such mobile phenomenons as Bubble Universe (http://bit.ly/bubbleios) or recent sensation Fantasy Kingdom Defense HD (http://bit.ly/fkdios), have revealed their new in-house project. Tap deLight, expected to arrive at iTunes and Google Play at the beginning of May, is a fresh action-puzzle experience for both casual and experienced gamers.

Players manipulate on-screen lights to lead a lovable moth-like bug toward its sweetheart. When activated, bulbs work on the insect like magnets, allowing for both mind-bending puzzles and high-octane arcade action. “PLAY IT YOUR WAY is the core idea behind Tap deLight” explains Aleksander Zemke, Executive Producer at Tequila Mobile. “We hoped to combine an innovative, simple concept – not unlike the one in Cut the Rope or Where’s My Water – with sandboxy nature of games in vein of Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor. Now, as the release date is closing in, I feel confident in saying we succeeded”.

Tap deLight will feature dozens of levels across four completely different worlds, Hollywood-grade CGI cutscenes, high definition graphics, several playable characters, optional objectives on every stage and an astounding number of power-ups. “We have enough content to last a lifetime” promises Lukasz Deszczulka, VP of Tequila Mobile. “It won’t have to though, as major content updates, including even more levels, worlds and characters, are already in the planning stages”.

More information about Tap deLight will be revealed in the coming days, including an extended video preview. The game itself is expected to be live on Android and iOS by the end of April, for the low price of FREE.

About Tequila Mobile: Tequila Mobile is a mobile games services provider, developer and publisher of award-winning games designed for mobile phones, smartphones and portable devices. In 2009 Tequila Mobile adopted a freemium and micro-transaction-based business model, delivered globally through its proprietary Tequila Planet platform. This cutting-edge platform supports over 2,000 mobile handsets, and enables ‘one-click’ in-app purchases in any J2ME, BlackBerry or Android app.

Tequila Planet provides instant monetization via in-house managed mobile billing with more than 380 operators in close to 100 countries. Leveraging its platform, Tequila Mobile distributes free games through a network of partners including independent app stores, social networks, mobile operators and top mobile and web portals.

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