Tamer Saga Launches Alpha Test on April 9th with giveaway

PopPace’s browser based anime-style MMORPG Tamer Saga has created quite a stir amongst many with its tantalizing sneak peeks and previews. Today, PopPace team was very glad to announce that the long-awaited Tamer Saga’s Alpha Test will be released at 6:00pm sharp on April 9th (GMT-8) and available on Facebook first. With the unique Facebook gaming platform, players can enter Tamer Saga’s mysterious world simply by logging into their Facebook accounts.

During Alpha Test, every single player will be able to enjoy the privileges for level 9 VIP. Besides, they will get 50,000 Vouchers (valued $1,500), which can be used to purchase fashionable suits, flying mounts and unique pets from Item Mall and experience the thrilling gameplay at their pleasure. Players just need to simply search for “Tamer Saga” on Facebook or directly visit https://apps.facebook.com/tamersaga to start their journey of exploring this mysterious game world and experience the thrilling stories happened in medieval Europe.

Tamer Saga is a browser based anime-style RPG. Free to play forever! Emblem selection and pets deployment in the basis of enemies’ attributes are the crown jewels of this fantastic game. Embracing a terrific theme with hundreds of pets, Tamer Saga offers players the chance to tame and recruit 6 kinds of pets, including Humanoid, Animal, Elf, Demon, Dragon and BOSS on each map. Considering different pets’ stats and attack modes, players should select suitable participating pets and battle formation to win the final victory. In addition to various pets, players will be able to explore a series of adorable dreamlike scenes as well. The game world supports PvE as well as PvP that available all the day where players can gain ranks and rewards. Players can also choose from one of four classes, including Warrior, Mage, Priest, and Ranger.

Visit http://www.poppace.com/ to learn more about PopPace and visit http://ts.poppace.com for more Tamer Saga news and updates.

Get Free Vouchers=$1500

We will be launching the Alpha Test for Tamer Saga at 6:00pm GMT-8 April 8th. To help players have more fun during the test, we will be giving every player a lot of Vouchers for them to buy exclusive stuff in the Mall, as well as the profits exclusive to VIP 9 and higher-grade VIPs.

Event Duration

6:00pm April 9th until 6:00pm April 13th GMT-8


Each character created during the event will receive 50,000 Vouchers which are worth about 1,500 US dollars, and also be able to enjoy the profits exclusive to VIP 9 and higher-grade VIPs.

Note: All characters created during the Alpha Test will be deleted as soon as the Alpha Test comes to an end.

Have fun and see you in game!

Tamer Saga Team


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