Star Supremacy’s Slogan Submission Contest

Polls open for voting in Star Supremacy’s Slogan Submission Contest

Suzhou, China – May 8, 2012 – Players had the opportunity to submit their idea for a good slogan to use for Star Supremacy.  The winning slogan will not only be used on the website but also will be rewarded b-credits and premium items.

Starting now and lasting one week, users can now vote for which slogan they think is the best in this thread.  Vote for which slogan is the best and help make Star Supremacy a better game!

Reminder: When the Likes on Star Supremacy Facebook page reaches 500, 1000, everyone of Star Supremacy will receive gifts. What is more, when the page reaches 30,000 likes, 3 randomly selected players will win a gaming headset—Ear Force X11 Amplified Stereo Headset with Chat!

More events are still to come.  If you think you have an idea for an event in the game or community, give Barbily your thoughts here.  For those who have a facebook, Star Supremacy now has a facebook game application that you can play at

For players who are new to the game and want a novice gift pack, there are still codes left to give out.  Check out the giveaway page here for sites giving out any available codes.

For more information, please visit our official website at
or follow us on Twitter at!/Star_Supremacy and Facebook,

Star Supremacy Makes Domination War and Resource Gathering Easier for Players and Enhances 3D Design on In-Game Ships

Barbily Games has decided to make things easier on players in Star Supremacy by releasing an update that should allow players to enjoy the game more.  The latest update involves a discount on specific shop items as well as a new war clock for alliances to check during Domination War.  The update also releases a special offer for players who need resources for colony construction and ship building.  It will only take 10 b-credits to get 10,000 resources.

The in-game graphics has also undergone some enhancement.  Players will notice that some of the ships used in battle have better 3D graphics now than before.

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