Star Supremacy Introduces More Features in Faction Battle

Barbily Games is introducing additional details to its newest feature in its leading browser-based MMORTS, Star Supremacy.  The official forum thread that previews the new feature in the game promises to the users that the Faction Battle will be ” a brand new “Planet Domination War” with more exciting gameplay and more super rewards.”

The expansion implements the following updates to the game:

(1)Large ship and Super ship construction time are reduced greatly

(2)Flying speed is increased greatly. Related researched becomes more cost-effective.

(3)Resources for building aircrafts are decreased.

(4)Factions are balanced. Lance range +1 and related researches are removed from UEO. Missile range+1 and related researched are removed from Altairian. In this expansion, your research level, ship enhancement, ship configuration and commander ability directly result in your battle performance.

(5)The ship construction time will be affected by the number of players in a faction. You will build ships faster if you are in the faction with fewer members.
There are also rules set for the expansion which you view in the forum thread.  Rewards include up to 400k in resources, boss ship items, and other rare and premium items.  The Faction Battle is set to be launched soon.

More events are still to come.  If you think you have an idea for an event in the game or community, give Barbily your thoughts here.  For those who have a facebook, Star Supremacy now has a facebook game application that you can play at

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