Silkroad-R Launches Tier 13

Highest Armor Level Now Available To Upgrade

Sometimes 13 is a Lucky Number!! Joymax today unleashed a powerful new content update to their Silkroad Online spin-off title, Silkroad-R.  Tier 13 is the most powerful armament class yet and is required to delve into the most dangerous dungeons.

Top tier content awaits you, but is your armor ready for the challenge?  Imagine being unable to complete one more quest because your weapon is holding you back!  No more, as players can now upgrade to the next level: Tier 13!  First introduced to Silkroad Online earlier in 2012, this coveted equipment upgrade is now also available in its sister game, Silkroad-R.

Players can begin upgrading their Tier 12 items to the next level by acquiring a magical Astral stone.  These rare minerals imbue weapons and armor with currently unheralded power.  The special stones are a rare drop from many high-level monsters, especially in dungeons.  Too impatient to wait?  An alternative type of Astral stone is available in the Silkroad-R cash shop.  These stones have an increased success rate, and will be highly desired as upcoming contest prizes.

2012 is the Year of the Players.  With celebrations including fan-made content brought to life inside the game, to spooky and freaky Halloween events, this is the best time for new, current, and returning players to join together and take on the trade of Silkroad Online and Silkroad-R.  Fans can check out all the latest news at the Silkroad-R Facebook page at

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