Second Phase of Eldevin Closed Beta Begins

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Hunted Cow Studios started the second phase of Closed Beta for Eldevin on May 23rd, its highly anticipated browser-based massive multiplayer online roleplaying game, has launched. This new version of the game features a plethora of new features and improvements and as such, Hunted Cow is welcoming thousands of new players to the beta, after an overwhelmingly positive response to the game.

John Stewart, the studio manager of Hunted Cow, said “The first phase of our closed beta test has been a great experience for our players and developers. We’ve tried to be very involved with our community and make the changes our players want to make the game the best it can be. During the last phase of beta we saw a number of great new additions to the game such as the ‘Trial of the Champions’ PvP game mode, and we’ve got loads of new updates and features in the pipeline. We are a small studio but we’re aiming big with Eldevin and we hope to see even more players jump into this phase of beta and give our game a bash!

Game Summary
Eldevin is a free-to-play 3D browser-based MMO. Players can play through the entire game, access all areas, quests, crafting, events, experience the epic story, participate in all the group dungeons and engage in competitive PvP, for free with no limits. During the second phase of the Closed Beta, players can communicate with the developers on the Hunted Cow forums to help shape the future of the game.

Game Detail
Eldevin is a new story-driven game, set in a corrupt fantasy world on the precipice of all out war. Players can join the Eldevin Army or the Mages of the Arcane Council in a quest to recover the magical artefacts that have taken the kingdom to the edge of disaster.

In the Eldevin Closed Beta Phase 2, players will be able to experience the first 30 levels of the game while specializing in any of the 6 talent trees – Templar, Warrior, Assassin, Ranger, Mage and Prophet. They will also be able to participate in 6 cooperative group dungeons with other adventurers, level up in the 14 different professions, take on the ‘Trial of the Champions’ and experience a wealth of story-driven content as they fight to defend the lands of Eldevin Kingdom.

Eldevin features an epic storyline in which the player will play a pivotal role in the defence of Eldevin Kingdom. During the first 30 levels, the player will fight against both threats from within as well as the agents of the Infernal Empire, such as henchmen, demons and battlemages. Eldevin features exciting content designed for both solo and group play, hundreds of items, abilities and a vast world to explore.

The game runs entirely within a web browser, using Java technology. This means it runs on all major web browsers, with no additional downloads or lengthy installation. Eldevin does not require high end graphics processors and will work on the majority of netbooks, laptops and desktops running Windows, Mac OS or Linux, making Eldevin accessible to almost every computer user.

How to Join the Closed Beta
Players wishing for a chance to participate in the closed beta test can apply now at

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