Rise of Immortals Update Patch, Bundles, New Items and achievements

Rise of Immortals Update Patch details

Build: 315988
Patch Date: 03 February 2012

Check out all the goodies that went into the patch below. We bring you new gameplay features, tactical items, achievements, and more!…


1.1. New gameplay feature: Attack-Move (ctrl + right click)!
1.2. New tactical consumables: Truevision Totem and Truevision Serum!
1.3. Nine (9) New Steam Achievements!!: http://steamcommunit…ls/achievements
1.4. New consumables to quickly level up to 21 or 50, now available at the Hub Vendor!


2.1. Increased immortal sizes by 10% in the Character Selection Screen.

3. HUB

3.1. Screenshots can now be taken when in Beauty Cam mode (keybind-F12).
3.2. Language filter can now be turned on/off in Game Settings.
3.3. Queue status is updated when switching Hubs.
3.4. Added new immortals skin bundles in the Vendor: DPS, Mage, Tank bundles, etc..
3.5. Stats are now tracked for Creeps/Towers to account for missing kills in Stats screen (keybind O).


4.1. Various Fixes and Features

a. Persistent level 40 will now display correctly for team and group members.


a. Can now activate Empyreal Ascension while stunned or silenced.

4.3. KYRIE

a. Shuriken Salvo – damage reduced by 0/5/5/10/10 per shuriken – 30/65/105/140/180.
b. Shuriken Salvo – Upgrade I: Mana cost reduction reduced to (5/10/15/20/25).
c. Shuriken Salvo – Upgrade II: Cooldown reduction reduced from 2.5/5 to 1/2 seconds.
d. Dementia Gas Bomb – radius reduced by 10%.


a. Death Rift – radius reduced from 300 to 215.


a. Fix for using the Broodlings Defenders and causing any vision totems Scorpix placed to be destroyed.

4.6. TALIA

a. Succubus Lure – range adjusted to 225 at all levels from 200/235/270 and cooldown changed from 90s to 100s/85s/70s.


a. Elemental Nova – duration reduced to 2 seconds from 3. Damage remains the same.

4.8. TZAI

a. Flying Kick now applies the bonus damage to all targets hit, not just the final target; and Bonus damage increased from 20/35/50/65/80 to 20/40/65/95/130.
b. Demon’s Gaze : Attack Damage increase per target hit increased from 2/3/4/5/6% to 2/4/6/8/10%
c. Demonic Rage: Damage bonus increased from 25 to 45%; Move Speed bonus increased from 14% to 21%


a. Renamed Ukkonen skins from Blue, Purple, Red to Savant, Engineer and Aggressor, respectively.
b. Ukkonen Attack Speed increased.
c. Twisted Bolts damage increased from 45/70/105/140/185 to 45/75/115/155/205.
d. Static Charge does not consume its charges upon activation, only upon weapon attack.
e. Fix for Static Charge tooltip typo in Champion Tree.
f. Added audio to Ukkonen animations and Strike Twice ability.

4.10. VEZIN

a. Realm of Death – Slow effect removed
b. Unholy Spore – Silence effect on enemies reduced from 3 seconds to 2 seconds.


5.1. Tome of Discipline Level 21 – increases specific immortal level to 21 with certain provisions.
5.2. Tome of Discipline Level 50 – increases specific immortal level to 50 with certain provisions.
5.3. Vision Totem – new icon; will have a small explosion when destroyed.
5.4. Truevision Totem – counters the Vision Totem; will have a small explosion when destroyed.
5.5. Truevision Serum – now available in the Tactical (in-game) Vendor. Eyeball particle above the head of immortals indicates that drink the potion. The reveal radius is visible only to the player that drank the serum.
5.6. Fix for consumable items that cancel when receiving damage to not cancel when taking damage due to health costs (Laz, Talia, Scorpix).
5.7. Fix for when you use one consumable in a stack of 1, then another of the same at a later time, the effect would be refreshed for the full duration visually, but would be removed at the end time of the first consumable.


6.1. Attack-move (ctrl + right click)
6.2. Steam Achievements – 9 New Steam Achievements

a. Bulldozer
b. Demolition Specialist
c. The “Me” in “Team”
d. Monster Hunter
e. Mega-Shmegas
f. Monster Slayer
g. Mega Feat
h. Might Over Megas
i. A Hastened Victory
6.3. Fix for bounties not being cleared when an immortal is killed by something other than another immortal.
6.4. Fix for health bars not going away on creeps when they died.
6.5. Health bars no longer show on dead turrets.

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