Rise of Immortals, New Immortal – KAOS has arrived!


Kaos is an energy based range character who excels at dealing constant damage from a relatively safe distance with his skills. Once the teams are fully committed to combat Kaos sneaks in during the havoc to deal tremendous damage.


“I was running. But I wasn’t scared. Me and my boys, we were prepared. Hell – we’re an elite tactical insertion unit, proud to be among the best in all the damn world. I don’t know what happened. There was a blinding light… a loud noise… I thought it was a flash grenade, but when I came to… I don’t know where my men are. Hell, I don’t even know where I am.

What I do know, this sure as hell ain’t Kansas. Nothing in my training, in my experience, can explain what I’ve seen in the last few hours. Or has it been days? Time doesn’t seem to be passin’ by like it should.

But I am a US marine. Trained to survive. And I’m sure as hell far from helpless. Blood and sand, I will overcome this, I will find my men, and I will get us home. So help me god.”- John Kachanski, a.k.a – KAOS

  • Class Role:   Ranged DPS
  • Attack Damage Type:   Physical
  • Ability Damage Type:   Physical
  • Offensive Capability:   High
  • Defensive Capability:   Low
  • Difficulty:   Intermediate

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