RiotZone Celebrates The First Meranian Revolution

Viva la Revolución!

Mail.Ru Games is donating new boots to players in RiotZone

Hamburg, February 24 2012. Mail.Ru Games, publisher of internationally successful online games like War of Dragons, Allods Online, Juggernaut and Gunblade Saga is celebrating the first Meranian revolution. One year ago the people of Merania came together and rose against the oppression of the tyrant. In memory of the legendary, sadly defeated march of wrath, the dictator is generously rewarding his own supporters in a public ceremony. But the rebels of Merania will not put up with this mockery: they are sending out mercenary units to steal the precious gifts and to use them to honor their own revolution.

Down with the dictatorship

The protest began with a march that would go down in history. Men and women made their way to the dictator’s palace to overthrow the regime. But the military was prepared for the protest and put it down mercilessly. The citizens fled into the tropical forests. During the discussions and recriminations that followed, it became clear that all of them were pursuing one goal – to overthrow the dictator, but they had different views about how to do it. Consequently, two factions emerged – the “Red Alliance” and the “Crown Coalition”: opposing forces, united by a common goal. On February 27, there will be a special mission, during which the dictator will send his supporters expensive special boots. Players can intercept their units and take the gifts for the revolution.

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