PWI: Siren’s of War Announced

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PWI’s latest expansion will bring an all new PVP battleground, Nation Wars! Gear up and get ready for heart-pounding server wide battles, new weapons and equipment, revamped skills, new quests, and more!

Now that the forces of the Dark Lord, Jian’Rin, have spilled into Perfect World, the world has been set ablaze. Lines have been drawn and forces have mobilized to determine supremacy in this new age.

Amidst the chaos, four nations have emerged with the intent of wresting control for dominance. The nations of Frost, Flame, Light, and Darkness are stuck in deadlock and will require the aid of warriors such as yourself to push forward with their plans.

New Features:

Nation Wars – War has come to Perfect World! This all new PVP system will pit thousands of players against each other in fierce and intense battles, as the warriors of Perfect World fight for honor, glory, and incredible rewards!

Enhanced Skills – Many of your favorite skills have been enhanced to increase their potency. Remember that there is no such thing as a weapon that’s too sharp.

Siren’s of War – Hear the roaring cry of the Sirens of War in this thrilling look into the raging battles between the beautiful and deadly leaders of the four warring nations!

You can see all details at:

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