Metal War – MMO Strategy Game

A brand new Robot War Strategy Game!

In the middle of the 22nd century, development into science and technology encountered bottlenecks, and natural resources around the world were exhausted, the distribution of wealth was even further unbalanced, and regional problems intensified… National armies’ ability to wage protracted wars declined, and mech have risen, usurping state power and becoming the dominant force in various regions. 

In the chaos, recruit capable Fighters, gather powerful mechs, and form a metal army! When responsible for a beautiful home, will you choose to defend it, or expand into others’ territory? In the face of others’ might, will you choose to form a friendly alliance, or to wage a campaign of iron and blood. Everything is for you to decide!

– Parts, weapons, accessories…Assemble mechs made of the best materials and create your own forces!

– More than 100 different mechs, with different strengths and forms!

– Airships, Arks, fighters, and ground units paired with mechs for comprehensive battling!

– Participate in Regional Battles and begin a life-and-death battle with a hostile alliance!

– Establish bases, consolidate defenses, protect your home!

– Form alliances with friends, help one another, fight together!

– Battle with other mech units and compete for resources!

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