Mechamagizmo Stariser for iOS

Mechamagizmo Stariser Press Release – 4/9/2012

Mechamagizmo is proud to announce the release of Stariser for iOS devices on the App Store, a game created in less than 30 hours on IGN’s new online reality show The Next Game Boss.

Benjamin Taylor, Creative Director at Mechamagizmo: “People had seen the show and wanted to play Stariser to judge the game for themselves.  So what we’ve released is the game exactly as it appeared in the last episode of the show.  There are no added gameplay, sounds, or art; what you saw on the show is what you’re going to get. We received a lot of positive feedback about the game, so we decided to make it available for FREE!  We want everyone who saw the show to have the opportunity to play it themselves.  It’s available now, and with Game Center integration, so I’m excited to see who is the best in the world at it!”

Mechamagizmo will appear in panel at the upcoming Fanime convention in San Jose in May where they look forward to discussing their next epic space ballad, Stardiver, for mobile.  This is a chance for fans to interact and give feedback on our games and gain exclusive access to future Mechamagizmo perks.

What is Stariser? –  Stariser is an original arcade juggling game where players bounce and split stars while avoiding comets.  It’s easy to pick up and very addictive!  Falling stars are hitting a snow bunny village high in the Alps!  You, a brave rabbit astronaut, must drive the stars back into the sky, splitting them in two!  If you manage to juggle six stars at once, you activate your ship’s warp speed and rise much much faster.  Play and see if you can reach the top of the leaderboard, and prove yourself to be the best pilot in the world! Stariser is available on the Apple App Store here:

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