Maestia Officially Launches

Gravity Interactive, today officially kicked off the full commercial launch of Maestia: Rise of Keledus.  A traditional fantasy title that’s both familiar yet different from other online titles, whether players are into solo or group content or wants to pwn in PVP, Maestia’s got something for you!

By choosing to be a Guardian or a Knight, players begin an exciting battle against Keledus, players enter a world featuring two opposing factions, four different player classes with individual skills, mounts, a pet system, PvE, PvP, and RvR combat, single-player and group adventures, guilds, and more.

“As promised, Maestia’s open beta was short, intense, and full of excitement.  Now we’re ready for the full launch, with plenty of exciting content in store for new and returning players,” said Jay Choi, Chief Operating Officer at Gravity Interactive. “We’ve also got some amazing plans for Maestia throughout the year, and we’re looking forward to revealing frequent content updates for all levels.”

Play it YOUR way.

Maestia’s Prayer System allows players to access the main storyline without having to run from zone to zone.  Use this psychic link to the Goddess to explore a quest story rich with lore and a variety of goals.  Additional quests can be found in towns, so players are still able to focus on a single zone, or move from location to location.

Also unveiled during open beta and running full steam at launch is a new style of zone, mixing PVE and PVP action for a true whirlwind of activity!  During the game day, these special zones are filled with monsters, and are open to questing, exploring, and farming materials for the crafting system.  During the night hours, the zone becomes a massive PVP hub, where players can earn Divinity Points (DP), which are used to purchase high end gear. These battles are currently set to 30 vs. 30, but can be expanded to as high as 80 vs. 80!

Prefer to tackle massive dungeons?  Players can earn DP by running dungeons solo, by creating a group with fellow players, or by gathering a full party using the Mercenary system.  Recruit offline players who have volunteered their services, and solo even the toughest dungeons with a full array of allies.

With the completion of the Open Beta Test and the shift into our commercial launch, the Summer Festival event has begun! Special boxes will drop from event monsters, which have a chance of giving raffle tickets. Turning in these tickets will earn the user in-game items and enter each user into a raffle for awesome real-life prizes.

The cash shop is also open for business!  Acquire a variety of vanity items, buffs to level quickier, and other character improvement items.  To celebrate launch, for a limited time monsters will also drop raffle tickets to turn in for some awesome prizes, including cash shop items.

Maestia’s never standing still: a current content expansion is currently slated for September, which will include a level cap increase, numerous new zones, and further UI tweaks.  Players can watch the official Facebook page at

Key features

  • Dungeon System – There are many dungeons scattered about world of Misilen. Band together with your allies (or mercenaries) and take down the mighty foes that lie within.
  • Mercenary System – The Mercenary system is a great way to level your character without even playing! Your character can be hired another player, thus earning money and experience while you’re away.
  • Auto-Potion Option – Potions can be placed in a specialized hot bar (bottom-left section of the interface), and set to when they can be used. This way when you’re in a panic situation, you won’t need to scurry to where the potions located, or use a hotkey.
  • Divine Points – Divine Points are awarded for accomplishments such as PvP-participation, defeating boss monsters and certain quests. These can be used to purchase items or increase your guild’s notoriety and fame.
  • Auction House – Maestia features an Auction house where players can bid to purchase the items of other players, or place their own items up for sale. It’s a great way for users to pass on their older items to other players who can put them to good use!
  • RvR system – In Realm vs. Realm (also known as RvR), join either the Superion Guardians or the Temple Knights as players from both factions engage in intense PvP-action. These fights can range from small skirmishes, to large-scale battles!
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