Knight Age Spends Time At The Grey Shores

Take a shot at winning the coveted Mongoose Pupa(pet)

Joymax, leading online game developer and publisher known for its breakout MMORPG, Knight Age, today announced a trip to the coast for the popular mounted combat fantasy title, Knight Age.   The Grey Shores of Oblivion present players not with an idyllic vacation spot, but with a challenging new dungeon!


Starting February 5th, sail down to the Grey Shores of Oblivion to discover the Helfyr challenge.  Gather together a band of strong Knights and begin a new quest chain, known as Help Seal Helfyr.  This dangerous menace is the most challenging battle players have ever undertaken, with fantastic rewards only available from now until March 5th.

Helfyr’s Lair, once the home of the songs of beautiful firebirds and the Spirit King of Flames, is now cursed, leaving behind an abundant forest now only marked by a pile of ashes.  These burning Spirits, possessed by evil, are now threatening the nearby Green Shores Village, and must be stopped.  For those warriors brave enough to seal away Helfyr, they will be entered into a drawing for a coveted Pupa(pet)! On March 12th, Joymax will announce twenty lucky winners who will receive this outstanding boss Pupa, Mongoose, and a 30-day vital water, to speed the leveling of the newest addition to the Pupa lineup.

There is always something brewing at Knight Age with all sorts of exciting activities and events, and now is the best time to return to the action!  All players who log in after a months absence will receive a free special Pupa!  To find out all the latest news, tips, and events visit Knight Age’s Facebook at (

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