Knight Age Launches Halloween Bonanza And New Content Update

Siege Warfare Begins This Week Along With Halloween Bonanza!

Joymax today releases another major update to their fan favorite fantasy MMORPG, Knight Age, in preparation for the first match this weekend.  Siege Warfare adds a new dimension to gameplay and presents a new PVP challenge for players.  Players should not miss this weekend’s match as special exclusive prizes are prepared only for the very first skirmish.

One of the most sought out content in this update would be the “Siege Warfare”.  Players itching to test their PVP skills should begin preparing now for the special Siege Warfare event.  In celebration of the very first siege battle, an exclusive cape made only for the first victors are at stake along with tons of prizes.  Orders can approach the Siege NPC to apply for participation starting today.  The weekly skirmishes commencing every Sunday, the first Siege Warfare will begin this weekend on Oct. 21st.

To win this battle, a player must know how a Siege Warfare is preceded. To begin with, it is a grand PVP battle between Orders of Knights (guilds). The warfare lasts an hour and it is up to the players to earn as many points within this allotted time.  Points are earned by touching the Crystal – the longer a team maintains contact with the Crystal, the more points they are awarded.  The ultimate reward for winning the Siege is becoming the Lord of Tintagel Castle.  Within the fortress is an exclusive merchant found nowhere else in the kingdom, who sells high level items found only inside Tintagel!

Don’t forget, Halloween is just around the corner!  Expect to see spooky pumpkin heads, floating eerie ghouls, and more candy than you could possibly eat starting today in Knight Age’s Halloween Bonanza!  Special seasonal accessories are available for players to collect by tricking monsters and treating GMs.  Once players have collected their costume accessories, join the upcoming Halloween party where colorful treats available only during the celebration will be given to players.  Join now because Halloween events will last until November 6th!

From conquering a castle to trick-or-treating, Knight Age is alive (and undead) with activity.  Knight Age’s hopping community can be accessed via the game’s forums or on the official Knight Age Facebook at with over 18,000 fans, or on Twitter @KnightAgeOnline.  The more “likes” Facebook receives, the more events players will be able to participate in, so follow today.

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