Kings and Legends Launches Primal Invasion Update

Latest Update Features Tons Of New Cards, Booster Packs & Cool Halloween Events

Kings and Legends, the unique card-based, free2play browser title, today launched its latest major content update; Primal Invasion.  The highly-anticipated new update features action-packed gameplay complete with an amazing array of new cards, booster packs, an exciting new post-season tournament and exclusive Halloween events!


Kings and Legends gets savage with its latest Primal Invasion update that introduces loads of new cards including new Ogres, Goblins, Mythical Beasts and even a magical Squirrel race!  The new cards boast exciting new abilities for both new and old players alike.  Four new booster packs containing all the new cards, plus two all new Skills packs enable players to finally attain those perfect class skills for their hero. Primal Invasion also features new Battlefield Skill cards allowing players to affect the entire battlefield and creatures with just one card.  This opens up huge new tactical possibilities never before seen by players!

The Kings and Legends world gets even more exciting with an all-new post-season tournament where unique Godlike cards up for grabs! Players who finish in the top 32 on each server in the 1v1 or 2v2 PvP-season will be invited to a special post-season tournament to name the number-one player. In addition, Kings and Legends will host a howlin’ Halloween event beginning October 22nd.  All active players will earn new card rewards and there will be a limited edition Challenge Hall with the possibility to get the brand-new stat-boosting Unicorn Mount and Runes, a brand new type of Equipment!

Find out more about the game and play visit, and follow the game on Facebook at,  Twitter @KingsAndLegends and Google+ for exclusive codes, gameplay tips, events and fun with the GM Team!

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