Kartuga Shows Off Its Art And Design

Art Director explains how Kartuga’s environments create rich and immersive experiences

InnoGames just released additional information regarding Art and Design of the 3D action game Kartuga. The graphics of the browser game, which is based on Unity technology, are balanced between a naturalistic experience and abstract comic graphics. The focus on stylized worlds, which are still emotionally believable, allows players to heavily immerse themselves into the game world. The richness of Kartuga’s surroundings can also be seen in this  target=”_blank”>area introduction trailer .

“We started by creating a world that contains believable historical characteristics, stylizing core elements of those characteristic, and adding colour, contrast and rich, deep textures”, Kartuga Art Director Mathias Lorenz explains. “The result is neither naturalistic realism nor surreal fantasy, but well-staged, immersive environments that are still recognizable as well as detailed.” Working with the Unity-engine allows those environments to be presented in high-resolution 3D, while still being playable in a browser, without having to download an additional client.

Kartuga is currently in Closed Beta. Players interested in a beta key can register on www.kartuga.com.

The action-packed MMOG Kartuga is based on Unity 3D and focuses strongly on cooperative PvP (player versus player) gameplay with several role-playing elements. As a purely free-to-play online game, users only need a Unity 3D plugin, which is available for all current browsers. Kartuga is InnoGames’ first partnership with its subsidiary company, Ticking Bomb Games, who is responsible for the development of the title.

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