Juggernaut Unveils Elf Companion


Alicia The Elf Now Sworn to Battle

Hamburg, April 17, 2012. Leading publisher Mail.RU Games announced today the arrival of a new companion in their successful Free-to-play role-playing game, Juggernaut.  Players get their first glimpse at this highly desirable companion and all her various animations via new artwork and a video you can check bellow. The challenge of recruiting this lithe heroine is now yours, by marching straight over to www.juggergame.com where players can register and play for free.


Pale Elves: beautiful, untouchable, valuing strength and combat skill over all other aspects.  According to the custom in Irtita, girls are brought up in seclusion. For the first two hundred years, they see neither boys nor grown men, and give themselves over to war games and weapons training under the watchful eye of experienced instructors. Eventually, they leave their maiden kingdoms and go searching for their chosen one. They search for happiness, crossing swords with men again and again, as only someone that can defeat an Elf in combat can hope to receive her blessing and companionship.


Alicia herself took up this task; known as the Queen of the Night amongst her own people, she searched for a true challenge in lands far and wide.  Only upon discovering the secret of the Juggernaut heroes, who are transformed by the armor they wear into gods, did her despondency at ever finding a true partner worthy of her combat gifts lift.  Now the only question remains: is that you?


Whoever answers the challenge and defeats Alicia in battle can count on her eternal loyalty, and her swift blade.  After the sun sets, the moon and the stars give this ethereal Queen of the Night her most amazing powers!
About Juggernaut
Juggernaut is a free-to-play online role-playing game with an epic story, vivid graphics, and true 3D combat. Six thousand years ago, many generations of humans lived under the rule of the Iron Gods – six thousand years of silent slavery, terrified beyond words by the might of the Masters and their flying fortresses. But the Last Day came and the secret of arcons came to light! The Human learned the secret of Juggernauts – ancient armor that endows its owner with infinite power. The old Masters were defeated and the new world of humans broke up into three Empires, plunging into the abyss of gory war. In this war, gamers will turn into the most effective weapon ever created since the dawn of time – the Diamond Chariot of Destruction, the Hand of Heavenly Fire. Juggernaut offers a large selection of tactical combat solutions, large scale battles an epic story and much more!

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