Joymax and its community donate relief efforts to the Red Cross for victims of the Turkish Eatrhquake

Joymax, announced today that aside from its own donations, its global community of players has raised a sum of nearly $10,000 to be sent to the Red Cross to assist the victims of the recent earthquake in Turkey. From October 27th to November 1st for every 10 in-game items sold through, the publisher set aside $1.00 under a “community of players” fund to go towards quake relief efforts.

“The recent earthquake in Turkey has had a devastating effect on the region, killing hundreds of people and making thousands homeless”, said Joymax CEO, Nam-chul Kim.  “Joymax has a special relationship with the region and in over a decade has built a loyal, dedicated community of players who have played an instrumental part of the development of our online portfolio of games. We would like to thank the Joymax community for their efforts in helping to highlight the effects of the disaster and their generous support.”

Joymax CFO, Jay Suk, also added, “We are just thankful that we could have helped.  However, what touched us the most was all the positive feedback that we received from our player community, particularly our Turkish players who had friends and family that were directly affected by the earthquake. There is no way you can put a monetary value on something like that.”