Izle Music Revealed

Clément Peres Mixes Epic And Soft Sounds To Match Beautifully Generated Worlds

Designer and developer, Area Effect, today revealed details behind the upcoming soundtrack for its action RPG, Izle. Popular composer, Clément Peres, explains his inspiration behind the music destined to capture the unique art style and beautifully rendered worlds.  Izle, the new sandbox-adventure that fuses freedom of creation with unprecedented consequences, will launch in 2016 on Steam, XBLA (Xbox 360, Xbox One) PlayStation Network (PS3, PS4) and Nintendo Wii UPlayers can register now to be a part of the upcoming closed alpha test at www.izlegame.com

Listen to samples of the soundtrack here: https://soundcloud.com/mindthings/sets/izle-soundtrack

“As I began to work with the team, I wanted to stick to the art direction and knew with this beautiful low-poly style world the music had to be a mix of epic and soft classical sounds with a bit of added electronics and effects,” said Clément Peres, Sound Designer for Izle.  “I wanted the player to really feel like they were in the world that the team created, and as the world gets rich, I wanted the player to feel the different environments accentuated by my music.”

Peres started making music 10 years ago when he was asked to create and original soundtrack for an amateur video game.  This led to a deep relationship with videogame soundtracks and heavy influences from BioShock, Disasterpeace’s FEZ and the Last of Us.  Peres credits inspirations such as classical music artists Zimmer and Santaolalla.  Additionally, electronic artists including IDM, and melodic electronica like Plaid and Kettel were huge influences on the soundtrack.

About Izle

Players will embark on a journey to rebuild the last world of light striving to complete quests and unlock terraforming powers that allow them to create procedurally generated islands.  Adventure awaits as players must gather “Shards of Light” and choose between defending their world or crafting powerful artifacts to improve their character.  Izle is more than choices: it’s the infinite freedom to create a player’s own unique world and the great responsibility of protecting it! 

Izle will launch a Kickstarter this Spring to support the development of the Steam and Next Gen Console versions. Players can register now at www.izlegame.com to become an Ambassador of Izle, which will earn them special rewards. All the latest game news, art, videos and Kickstarter details will be revealed over the next few months at www.izlegame.com. Players can also join the community on Facebook and Twitter.

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