Grepolis iOS and Android Video

InnoGames released a second video detailing the upcoming app for its ancient Greek strategy game, Grepolis. The video displays the effortless use of several of the game’s core functions, such as troop movement, construction of buildings, as well as harnessing the power of the gods – all by using simple touchscreen gestures with the optimized and newly designed interface. The popular browser game’s iOS and android version will be published within the following weeks. InnoGames will also introduce the Grepolis app at this year’s Gamescom.

The new app aims at bringing full functionality to Grepolis fans using iOS or Android – not only core features will be included, it is also possible to use advanced options, such as alliance forums or attack planners. In addition, the mobile version has been improved in terms of usability and design, in order to be attractive to an entirely new group of mobile players. Direct play will also be available.

InnoGames is in the process of evolving into a cross-platform gaming company. Joining the upcoming Grepolis iOS and Android apps, the classic browser title Tribal Wars is already available on iOS and Android devices. More than 200,000 users access Tribal Wars on the go regularly. The company also is working on bringing its hugely successful browser game Forge of Empires to iOS-devices and has several projects in the works that will be released as cross-platform at launch-time.

Grepolis is a strategy game set in Ancient Greece. In the free browser-based title, players are tasked with building up a vast metropolis and uniting with other players to establish a powerful military and conquer far away islands. Currently it boasts over 20 million registered users and is playable in 22 languages.

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