Goalunited 2012 new European Championship season

Goalunited 2012 is one of the most successful football management games worldwide

With Bulgarian and Serbian versions, the popular game is now available in 29 different languages

Munich, April 19, 2012 – When countless virtual football matches kick off in goalunited 2012’s arenas tonight, millions of managers all over the world will test their skills in flash browsers – this time, the game will also be availab Managers must take a lot of factors into account when getting their team ready for season 8: constructing their stadium, training their team, promoting and improving their youth team and recruiting new employees. But now there is a new card in play. cards now used in the game, this means even more tactics and excitement.

Players now also have the chance to win a Triple as they compete for the Championship, the Cup, and now also the European Championship. As the next big football event approaches, managers from all over the world can start their own preparations for the “EC for Everybody” feature in goalunited 2012. First announced at the beginning of April, over 340,000 managers have already chosen which competing country to support. The different teams have different levels of support. Spain is particularly popular with 20 % of all supporters, closely followed by Germany with 19.5 % and surprisingly strong support for Poland (9.15 France (6.33 %), England (5.88 %) and Portugal (5.27 %). All players still have until June 1 to enter their preferred country. During the tournament, the player’s goalunited goals will then be assigned to that country. All support will be awarded the unique title of “goalunited European Champion”! All participants also have the chance of winning an iPad 3.

Facts sheet:

Name: goalunited 2012
Publisher: Travian Games GmbH
Developer: northworks GmbH
Type: Free-to-play browser game
Genre: Online football manager
Online since: October 8, 2011. “Euro Cup for All
Languages: Currently 29 different languages
Website: www.goalunited.org

About Travian Games GmbH:
Headquartered in Munich, Travian Games GmbH is one of the world’s leading providers of browser games. The company offers its customers worldwide a range of complex and multi impress with their game depth and guarantee long develop and market online entertainment for all age groups. The company also acts as a publisher for external developers. With no lengthy or expensive downloads, all games can be simu worldwide – all that is required is Internet access and a web browser.

The portfolio of various genres is translated into up to 42 different languages, enabling the games to be used around the world by fans who appreciate lasting gaming entertainment. Further information about Travian Games GmbH is available at www.traviangames.com.

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