Give your kid a dragon and fly to China

Fun in Sight: Celebrating the Year of the Dragon with OY China!
Oy Ahoy studio takes your youngling for another educational adventure


To celebrate the Year of the Dragon, which started on January 23rd, Oy Ahoy has launched a new kiddies iPad (and soon iPhone) app, Oy China! It takes children and their parents on an educational adventure, and lets them discover the colorful world of lucky dragons. Oy China helps your children discover yet another fascinating culture and the heritage of one of the world’s oldest civilizations.

Oy China encourages your kids to be creative and design their own dragon by choosing pieces from one of the many exquisitely designed dragon sets. The dragon is built by picking one of the eight smiling heads, three bright body modules, wagging tail and vibrant spikes. And this is just half of the fun!

In China, every kid makes a paper dragon kite and takes it for a wild dance in the sky, to celebrate the coming of the New Year. Open your kids’ minds to a new culture, give them the opportunity to explore and be creative! They can navigate their dragon over the rice fields and help it collect magical items. Each magical item makes the dragon longer, and as the old legend says, the longer the dragon is, the more luck it brings. So be careful to avoid fireworks, they make your dragon shorter. Teach them how to tap on the boxes to grant their dragon the ability to spit fire, as any “serious” dragon can, and your kid with giggle joyously. At the end of each journey, help your young one count the body modules of the dragon.

Oy China is the second in the Oy Ahoy series, after a highly praised Oy Mexico, which tells a sweet story about memories of a lost loved one, introduced by the Mexican tradition of celebrating Dia de Muertos. The Danish-Swedish game design studio focuses on delivering dynamic, fresh and spell bounding stories to children of age 2-6. Each app is created with great care towards kids appropriate content and amazing artwork. For each project, they work closely together with children’s books illustrators from the specific culture they present, for a more authentic, culturally accurate experience.

For Oy China they developed a creative relationship with Yangsook Choi, selected as one of the most prominent new children’s book artists by Publishers Weekly. Her books have received several awards, including the International Reading Association’s Children’s Book Award, and the Skipping Stones Award. “Choi adapts thoughtfully to her new environs, without submerging her unique artistic identity.” (The New York Times)

Oy Ahoy proposes to literarily rebuild our world of cultures, traditions and great stories and squeeze it into the iOS devices. They want to let the toddlers explore the world with their fingertips, in a series of apps, each representing a unique country or culture. Oy China is now available on the Apple App Store!