Farm Kingdom Gets Christmas Update

Holiday Update Ushers in Decorations And Winter Event, known for its popular international online games Legend: Legacy of the Dragons and Juggernaut, today announced that its popular social farm game, Farm Kingdom, is celebrating the holiday season in style.  Ring in the New Ye ar as we celebrate Farm Kingdom’s second Christmas, with new events and rewards.  Farmers can log in at to begin their farming journey!

The first snowflakes have cloaked the landscape into the silence of winter – but the holiday preparations will cheer up and warm up everyone soon!  The nearby northern kingdoms have shared some winter decorations with us this season; marvel at the Christmas tree, hunt for new glittering items that are hidden throughout the Kingdom or simply let the wintry atmosphere work its magic.  Along with all the festive preparations, players will find new challenges and possibilities that will guide them way towards a flourishing farm and new abilities.

To frolic around in the bright and fluffy snow is great fun for both young and experienced farmers. As a symbol of wintry glee players can build an amazing Sleigh that will grant helpful bonuses for a limited time.  When everyone becomes exhausted from running around in the snow, settle back and take an admiring look at the Christmas Tree. This ancient symbol of celebration during the cold season will help in completing daily tasks.   Holiday drops will disappear for the season on January 10th, and holiday structures will expire on January 17th.

Those among us who have managed to find a way through the Birch Thicket will find a new location to gather mushrooms from.  Experienced poultry farmers will be pleased to find the addition of a multicolored pheasant Carnival to enhance any farm throughout all seasons.  The Foundry can now produce Hammers; inexperienced farmers who collect from a neighbor’s foundry may find an extra one tucked away too!  Quabble players will be thrilled to see the addition of four new specialists of dice and magic to challenge; alongside these new challengers are new potions to brew.  But be careful! The new faces at the gambling table are well prepared and trained in mysterious new abilities.

Farm Kingdom welcomes friendship along with the change in weather and invites everyone to check out its fascinating novelties, demanding challenges, new friends and adventure!  To learn more about Farm Kingdom and join in on the fun, visit

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