Elsword’s Rena Gets New Combat System

Elsword takes PvP to a whole new level and
Rena gets a new combat system 


KOG Games announced a major addition to PvP and the highly anticipated Rena character update. 

Ereda Island:
Some of the fiercest competition in world happens amongst friends and allies. To keep their edge and skills sharp, even the elite warrior knights of Elsword enjoy some friendly… or, not so friendly competition. With that in mind, Elsword’s new Ereda Island takes team combat PvP to a whole new level.

In Ereda Island players engage in either 3v3 or 4v4 objective based, team vs team battles within an enormous dungeon-styled battleground. The goal is to wade through opposing monsters, NPC Gatekeepers and eventually the rival players. This mass of obstacles stands in the way of completing the ultimate goal of destroying the other team’s Faction Tower (Base).     

At level 40, players can enter Ereda Island just like they would with any other Dungeon. After completing the Alter of Dedication Dungeon in the Feita realm, players can select Ereda Island from the world map. Once the match starts, the team must then complete an established goal for each instanced encounter before being able to proceed to the next.  These goals include defeating enemy mobs, destroying the Gatekeeper mini-bosses, and finally… go head to head with the rival players to take down their Faction Tower. If there aren’t enough players to join the queue don’t worry, at 120 seconds, some vicious NPCs will complete the team to pick up the slack.     

Winning isn’t just about slaying the enemy. To win a match, the first team to take down the opponent’s Faction Tower or accumulate 500 marks wins. Marks are acquired by killing mobs or completing objectives. If time runs out, some tie-breaker figures are tallied and the team with the most accomplishments wins. 
The rewards for a win are simple: Experience, Medals to commemorate your Victory and AP (in-game currency). The losing team gets the door prize of a little AP and some experience for their effort.

Rena’s new “Nature’s Force” combat system:
By harnessing the power of the natural world, Rena will now have the capability to enhance her basic attacks and various skills. Starting today, all Rena characters will obtain the Nature’s Force System bringing her up to speed with her Elsword compatriots. This system is a means for Rena to deal extra damage and obtain buffs during combat.

All players have to do to use the Nature’s Force System is attack. The more you attack, the more the NF Bar will fill. As the NF bar fills, glowing orbs are released that float around your character. The more the NF bar fills, the more orbs you have. Once 3 or more NF bars are filled, a magic buff is unlocked. The buff increases Rena’s movement speed, MP recovery and toughness. To use the orbs, special attacks must be activated. Once activated and damage successfully dealt, the orbs increase that skill’s damage output and the attack ignores the enemy’s defense skill.  
Rena’s all new Nature’s Force System is truly a force to be reckoned with.

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