Elsword’s Ara Gets Little Devil Job Path

Today KILL3rCombo revealed its new job path, Little Devil, for the latest character in the Elsword line-up Ara Haan.  As the game’s newest  character, Ara Haan returns to the battlefront clad in the vestiges of her new job path Little Devil.  Empowering Ara’s high speed, burst-damage attacks with an explosive dark- magic kick, the Little Devil job path gives way to Ara’s new 2nd job, Yama Raja.

Forged in the furnace of shadows, Ara wages war against the demonic legion as Little Devil! Use the very same darkness against them that has been cast upon the nations of Elrios.  “If you can’t beat em, join em,” and then destroy them with their own wicked power!  Mastering the Secret Wolf Arts will unleash the sinister howl of a forward attack that will send demons screaming back from where they once came.

Once achieving level 35 and reining in the awesome power of darkness, players can master the evil inside with Ara’s new 2nd Job: Yama Raja.  Keep foes at bay by casting dark spirit orbs then finish them off with Secret Rakshasa Arts.  Ara conquers the ultimate power of darkness when she channels Eun, the spirit of the nine-tailed fox and together they both become truly unstoppable!

After spending time with the El explorers, Ara of the Haan warrior family realizes that in order to defeat the demonic legion, she’ll need to be as powerful as possible. She knows that it’ll only be a matter of time before she’ll face the demonic might that has corrupted her brother Aren. Found in the ancient catacombs of generations long forgotten; lay the chronicles of those who mastered the forbidden dark martial arts. Given to her by Luichel, Ara reads the passages of the verboten tomes and discovers that she can utilize devastating evil powers from within at the cost of the noble abilities she inherited from her clan. Embracing this dangerous path, she cultivates sinister abilities that may help her defeat anyone and anything.

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