Elsword PvP Season 3 Launches

KOG Games announced a new beginning for Elsword with the launch of PVP Season 3 and Character Balance.  Earn more experience than ever before with this new game-changing season!

The renovation of PVP has begun with PVP Season 3.  Each and every character on the grid has been painstakingly retooled and balanced with overall PvP effectiveness and competitive integrity in mind. Win or lose, players will now acquire more experience than ever just from playing PvP!  With this latest update, players can now use equipment better geared toward sharpening their acute PVP skills, and with a new Rank Gauge players can see their current status as they progress toward their next rank.  Players don’t always play the same way in Dungeons than they do in PVP, and now with multiple Skill Tree pages, players can play their way anytime!

For a full, character-by-character breakdown, click here: Masters of the Arena

PVP Season 3 takes Elsword to the next level with stat buffs and stat additions on a number of different revamped titles.  Champion’s Visor, Earring and Wingz may now be acquired by players with a PvP Rank of E or better and a Champion’s Cloak is exclusively available to rank SSS players!  With the ability to now select up to three map exceptions and a new Block Chat feature that will enable any player in a PvP room to block chat from a specific play, Season 3 promises to be the sickest update yet!

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