Elfster and Angry Birds Christmas promotion

Elfster, a free online Secret Santa organizer and social networking platform, today announced a Christmas surprise alongside Google Chrome.  Users of the Elfster App for Chrome can use a code fragment secretly hidden inside to unlock one of three special Angry Bird holiday levels!  Those that haven’t already grabbed Elfster can do so via the official website at http://www.elfster.com/ or on the Google Chrome store at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/pfagmcegbaeelbnibmipibkmigipedmk

“Elfster has always been a whimsical-yet-functional app, so we’re thrilled to be connecting with a fellow fun-filled phenomenon like Angry Birds!” said Peter Imburg, CEO at Elfster. “We’re excited to be partnering with Google for the holidays and look forward to seeing our fans enjoy the secret Angry Birds holiday level you can only unlock by using Elfster’s Chrome App.”

Knowing what to buy for who is key to gift giving.  With Elfster’s wishlists, users can see what their friends want fast, even right on Facebook.  Shopping for a Secret Santa, but not as familiar with your recipient?  Ask them a secret question to get the important details you need like size or color.  Never worry about getting the same gift twice – wishlists will track who has already snapped something up on your list so you can share your list with your friends or via your Facebook wall with ease.

Users who are seeking the elusive code fragments can check for hints on the Elfster Facebook, or follow the hashtag #bonuslevelhint on Twitter for additional ideas on where to find their special Angry Birds gift this holiday season.  Use Elfster along with the Hipmunk, Astrid, and Earbits apps to piece together the passcode for the next AngryBirds holiday bonus level on GoogleChrome.

Elfster is serving up a triple header this December.  Not only are they offering an awesome Angry Birds level unlock to put everyone in the spirit, but the Elfster app has been powered up to reach out to even more users.  No habla Español?   You’re missing out on the new Spanish version of Elfster, now available!  These two new features are in addition to the exciting new gifts being added to Elfster every day by users.  Watch the Elfster Facebook for updates about “Elvis” the elf, new features, contests, and more at http://www.facebook.com/elfster

Get @AngryBirds on Chrome here: http://google.com/chrome/angrybirdsholidays

For more about Elfster  visit www.Elfster.com