Einherjar – Lucky Week & Reincarnation event

KBMJ Games launched 2 new in-game events called “Lucky week for more trophies” and “Reincarnation with Einherjar”. These events will take place for 1 week from 4 to 11 April (SGT or GMT+8).

Reincarnation with Einherjar

Reincarnation is one of many useful functions which help players acquire stronger characters in Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood. And in order to make it easier for players to build up their armies, KBMJ, the game’s producer has decided to increase the chance of producing mighty Viking warriors via reincarnation.

From 4 to 11 April 14:00 (SGT or GMT+8), the inheritance rate of Bloods will be increased and the chance of inheriting high-level Jobs by reincarnating will be doubled. This may be a significant help for players to have elite units for strengthening their Viking realm.

KBMJ hopes to bring to players more convenience and ease through this event.

Lucky Week for more trophies

Along with their Easter event, KBMJ, the producer of Einherjar – The Ving’s Blood, their latest browser-based game has also brought to their players a Lucky Week of collecting trophies.

From 4 to 11 April, the drop rate of all items will be increased by 15% for all maps. This will be easier for players to seek rare items as well as Easter eggs and bunnies.

KBMJ hopes this Lucky Week may bring a fair chance for players of all levels to compete in their Easter contest.

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