Conquer Online – Wrath of the Trojan

Conquer Online has welcomed the first big expansion of the new year, called Wrath of the Trojan! With this latest content update, the very first Epic Weapons have emerged in the world of Conquer, as well as several new skills available for all classes. The beginning of this new feature is the epic “Cross Saber”, exclusively for Trojans.

Watch the Conquer Online: Wrath of the Trojan video:

As a martial arts game set in the mysterious lands of ancient China, Conquer Online presents the unique Epic Weapons with certain oriental elements, which can be especially seen in the upcoming Epic Weapon designed for the Ninja class.

For those who want to get a hold of their own Epic Weapons, you’ll have to go through the Epic Quests, which are by far the most challenging quest in Conquer history. But for those with patience and determination, these Epic Weapons can be obtained!

Are you interested in trying your luck in the world of Conquer? Don’t wait too long! Get in on the act of this incredibly popular PvP world!

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