Checkmate Preview

Checkmate is Koramgame’s newest World War II strategic massive multiplayer online browser game. It includes many historical weapons, generals, armor, vehicles, etc. Here, you can challenge Historical Campaigns to shape history or fight with your brothers to unify the world. With its large amount of strategies and tactics you will feel like you are a general yourself!


Checkmate is a Free to Play browser based World War II SLG from Koramgame. Aiming to immerse the players deep into the game and bring added realism through the addition of historical battles, famous generals and classic weaponry. Get ready to take your men to war, as you battle your enemies, conquer Europe and win the war.

During the 1930’s, Europe and the World watched as Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party rose to power in Germany. Once they had Germany under their control, they then began their fearsome campaign of aggression against their enemies in Europe. It was a period of great instability that threatened to destroy Europe and change the shape of the world forever. By 1939 Europe was at war…

Checkmate is your chance to go become one of the greatest war tacticians and change the course of world history. So rally the troops, roll out the tanks and prepare for war.

You can signup for beta here.

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