Brawl Busters Expands With The 16th Warrior

New Update Raises Player Limits, Level Cap, and More

Rock Hippo Productions announced today that Brawl Busters, the popular multiplayer brawler, has launched an exciting new update, “The 16th Warrior”. This raucous update will raise player limits; introduce gameplay features and a new map.

“The 16th Warrior” ups the ante on this wickedly cool action-combat game by increasing player limits in Team and Versus modes to a staggering 16! Players can now brawl it out with or against 15 other players. For those who enjoy more intimate brawling, a new map Midnight Arena has been introduced for one-on-one duels.

Character level cap has been increased. Players can now level up their Busters all the way up to level 40, up from 25.

In addition, the new update will debut two new features that promise to raise the brawling action to the next level.  No more waiting: with new Intrusion feature players can jump right in to join brawls already in progress. New Observation feature will allow multiple players to watch and observe other players and really size up the competition.

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