Boxing Week announced for Einherjar community by Appirits

Christmas has come and went but the time for giving still continues in the world of Einherjar, the turn-based web game developed by Appirits. They have recently announced the Boxing Week to treat all of Einherjar players from 26 December to 2 January 2013 (SGT or GMT+8).


During the event period, players only need to log in Einherjar every day and they will receive a surprise gift, that is 1 random special item (Power is required for several in-game features). The system will automatically send players a message to confirm which gift they receive. So it is recommended that players refresh the game after logging in.

Besides, to celebrate the very moment of stepping into the year of 2013, experience and drop rate in expeditionary battles will be doubled for the whole New Year Day 1 January 2013 (SGT or GMT+8). If combining this with the Power-consumed feature of x2 exp and drop rate, players will get huge benefits and boost the time of training units dramatically.

Appirits also wishes joy and happiniess to all Einherjar community and promises many updates for the new year.

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