Allods Online To Celebrate First Birthday in Europe

MMORPG to Celebrate First Anniversary in Style With Huge Range of Events; Astral Storm Update to be launched on May, 30th

Gala Networks Europe, one of the leading free-to-play games publishers and operator of the portal, has announced its plans to commemorate the first anniversary for Allods Online, marking a year since the AAA MMORPG graduated from beta on the 11th May 2011. The celebrations combine a content update with a range of in-game and community events and a set of gifts for all players.

The anniversary gifts, which will be available to all players who joined the Allods Online adventure before the 11th of May 2012, start with all players receiving €5 worth of in-game currency to spend as they choose in the Allods Boutique, finishing with all players receiving an anniversary gift box, the contents of which are determined by player level. For those under level 32, the gift box will award a unique wolf mount, mount food and three recruits chests, which have contents to replace out-levelled gear. Players over level 32 will receive the same gifts but also a certificate that grants a choice of some very special items for their astral vessels, which can be a set of astral layer 3 ship weaponry, an elven statue for their ship or two coupons to spend on other ship customisations.

The Allods Online GM team will also be hosting a range of events between the 11th of May and the 11th of June, both in-game and across our social media networks.  This will afford the opportunity to win even more prizes, in-game currency and other items, and will include the return of the hugely popular launch event, giving players the chance to earn a second free mount, earn unique costumes for their favourite characters, and even learn a unique dance.

And in the middle of all this revelry, the Allods Online team will bring the celebrations to a fevered pitch with the launch of the much anticipated Allods Online: Astral Storm update on the 30th of May, 2012.  This update will bring to light features for newcomers and veterans alike with the mentoring system and Astral Treasure Hunt awaiting intrepid Astral adventurers.

As an addition to the new content, has compiled a comprehensive list of the greatest and best improvements and additions to Allods Online since its first beta, showing just how far the title has come since it first opened its doors and the sheer wealth of content and challenges it now provides as a AAA free-to-play MMORPG.

The list in full:

  • Maximum level extended from 40 to 51, with more territories to explore.
  • The possibility for players to become a divinity, and soon become a mentor for other Allods Online players.
  • Reworked archetypes and new classes and archetypes introduced, including the Bard – the latest player favourite and music lover of raids.
  • 2 raid zones, with Gorluxor’s Tower, which saw the biggest raid in Allods Online history, take down its impressive boss, and Dead City, the new theatre for revelations of Sarnaut’s history.
  • Over 30 instances available in-game, from level 10 to 51, with a variety of atmospheres, unique bosses, and different scales of difficulty.
  • An ever-growing Astral to explore in astral vessels, with new allods and new ravenous enemies for experienced navigators. Alongside personalisation of astral vessels, ranging from the practical devices to the aesthetic decorations.
  • More and more variety in PvP content and arenas, including the Arena of Death, the free-for-all zones with Melting Allods, the June Catacombs, and the all-new Battleground available from level 23, with a new map to come in the next update, with rewards in the Astral for adventurous pirates.
  • Guild evolution enabled, with weekly confrontations between the biggest guilds and the advent of the warlords in order for guilds to own their own allod — powerful members of the guild’s force elected and elevated and given special abilities by the rest of the guild to defend their territories.
  • Dynamic Events introduced on the official release, with enemies appearing in the zones of interest at different times of the day to be defeated by the players.
  • A Reincarnation system, allowing players to discover new classes with all the benefits of their main character.
  • An ever more accessible game, with an improved quest and interface system, more freedom in trading and the implementation of a gold/boutique coin converter NPC in-game.
  • Events each month in-game and on the official websites, a welcoming Guild Portal with a direct connection to the players and GM-Team communication within the chat room.
  • There is romance as well, with the introduction of weddings, without any gender restrictions. have also put together an animation reel, celebrating the first anniversary of the game and showcasing the friends and foes of Saurnaut:


More detailed information on can be found on the official European website at:

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