• Genre: Fantasy Anime MMO
zOMG!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

zOMG! is a free to play, 2D browser based anime MMO from Gaia Online. Grab your friends or go it alone as you battle your way across a rich world of sci-fi, fantasy and humor, collecting loot and super-powered rings along the way.



Inanimate objects are coming to life. And they don’t like you very much. It’s attack or be attacked. What’s it going to be?

zOMG! is targeted at young users, with cute characters and overall nice looking graphics, a full parents guide is provided by Gaia Online here.

Key Features:

  • Battle the monsters in countless quests
  • Play your own instance of every zone
  • Equip to attack, heal, and defend with our ring system
  • Explore breathtaking environments
  • Enjoy playful NPC interaction

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