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Aug 10, 2014

Conquer Online Introduces New Expansion 2nd Ninja War on August 12th

On August 12, Conquer Online will witness the 2nd Ninja War break out in an incredible fashion, and introduce the new Epic Weapon to the community. Shadow Ninjas, who emerge in the CO world for the first time, will bring special new skills to challenge Dark Ninjas in the new …

Aug 7, 2014

Burning Blade

Teebik Games announced the launch of its mobile MMORPG, Burning Blade. The highly-anticipated game embodies all the 3D third-person hack- and- slash gameplay of “Diablo” with the action-packed combat style of “Dragon Nest.” To celebrate the launch, Burning Blade will feature a variety of cool events including prizes! The mobile …

Aug 1, 2014

Elsword’s Rena Gets New Combat System

Elsword takes PvP to a whole new level and Rena gets a new combat system    KOG Games announced a major addition to PvP and the highly anticipated Rena character update.  Ereda Island: Some of the fiercest competition in world happens amongst friends and allies. To keep their edge and …

Aug 1, 2014

Grand Chase Goes Big With Land of Judgment

From the Magical War of Kounat to the creation of the Tower of Disappearance, the fearless Knights of the Grand Chase have been called upon to act as saviors to war torn lands that most have never even dreamed of, but these wars have not only ravaged the lands of …